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Reducing the product innovation cycle from 2 years to 6 months


Schréder's recently planned Innovation strategy set as one of its goals to reduce its product development cycle in order to become more agile when approaching all markets.


We’ve applied the IDEATORS methodology in 3-day sessions, bringing together, in the same room, collaborators and managers from its different departments and countries namely Belgium, Chile, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine and Portugal.

Additionally, we've trained 5 people from Shcréder in IDEATORS methodology to become their internal Co-creation Agents.

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As far as our intervention went, plans were developed and teams committed to the reduction of the product development cycle for 7 of the products that resulted from the co-creation sessions.


Furthermore, through both the innovation processes' improvement powered by IDEATORS and the training of 5 team members in the same methodology, we've participated in and assisted to a shift towards a more collaborative and creative culture.

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