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Post acquisition cultural integration.


Heineken acquired Brasil Kirin for $700M in 2017, becoming the #2 beer producer in Brazil. Alongside, it also resulted on a in depth need for cultural integration.


We delivered more than 20 internal co-creation workshops across Brazil and including about 300 people form the organization; factory workers, middle management, admin and C-suite.

These sessions were focussed on assessing the perception of Heineken’s values and on ideating & acting upon them, through initiatives across the organisation.

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Positive results at 3 levels:

  • Heineken’s collaborators felt (and were) included in the cultural integration process = building block for the feeling of belonging and being heard.

  • A set of quick wins resulted from the deeper process = agile implementation demonstrating that the process was to be consequent.

  • A 2 years plan of action was drafted and implemented in the following months = deeper intel supporting a long-term organisational cultural strategy.

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