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Innovation culture, creative problem-solving and co-creation training.
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BNP Paribas CIB Innovation had defined a strategy to breed its innovation culture and was looking for external partners to further help co-develop and implement its action plan.

A challenge for which, creative problem solving and the collaborative nature of IDEATORS made perfect sense.


Essentially, our co-creation methodology was taken in as software to help reset how people across the organization faced challenges, from both a mindset perspective as well as an operational one.

For 3 years we helped developing internal initiatives such as thee DYNAMITE Fests, delivered co-creation workshops, keynotes and open-talks, as well as trained an internal community to become BNP Paribas' Co-creation Agents.

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We're proud to have been collaborating since the birth of a tailor-made innovation strategy, the creation of its annual Innovation Festival DYNAMITE, fuelling a creative and collaborative mindset, training co-creation agents, and in the end empowering and inspiring thousands of collaborators in the way they face change and the future.

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